Sunday, March 4, 2012

Woah. Where did Feb go???

Well, welcome March here at Turnberry Love!  Last weekend, other than the conversation about moving and attending a beautiful wedding (don't we look spiffy?)...

...we did some more moving and brought in a desk Grandma had given us that we haven't had room for.  But, with the possibility of the two of us working at home at the same time (and the desk at the entryway generally being covered in mail and in a room with no windows), we decided we needed to make room for it.  And it fits beautifully and really warms up the room, I think.

Did you notice that there are two new additions on that wall?  We also visited Frank Rowland last week.  He's a local artist who's paintings grace close to every room in our house.  We love his work... and he's a really nice guy too!  Travis has even taken some painting lessons from him.  Anyway, I thought we were going to help my parents look... and the next thing you know, hubby is buying three paintings!  Friday, we headed to Hobby Lobby to get them framed, and Friday night, they went up on the walls!  

The third painting was my favorite.  I just want to be there.  It looks so darn peaceful.  And it looks awesome above our bed (bed not pictured due to the fact that today is sheet-change day and I didn't feel like remaking the bed =)

 Unfortunately, here is where I have spent most of my weekend:

In the office, with the valances we don't like, working away.  You can tell I have 2 grants due this week - tomorrow and Friday.  It's such a pleasant, sunny room (when it isn't 9pm on a Sunday...), with fun pictures, diplomas, and other wall coverings all over the place.  Winston also loves the blue couch, so he's been snuggling up on a blanket we put on there for him for most of the weekend.  It's nice to have such cute company.  

Hubby has been working on painting the moldings and kitchen nook cabinets... doors might finally make it back on the cabinets very soon!

One more funny.  Hubby brought a huge mirror into the powder room, thinking it needs a bigger mirror (it does), but this particular one doesn't fit.  He asked me today if I had noticed the mirror in the powder room (which I use on occasion).  What do you think?

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