Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!!!

What a wonderful Easter we have had.  We are blessed to be able to host our family around an Easter table!

Mom surprised me last night with a beautiful bouquet - I pulled the tulips out for our table and used them instead of the candles.  The rest of the bouquet is in the great room - it's just beautiful!

Hubby and I spent two mornings working on Easter treats:

But besides stuffing ourselves with lots of yummy food and spending time with family, we have been busy bees.  Our snap dragons are all in bloom in front of the house!

So, remember that wet bar?

Well, it was torn out...

And put back together!  Hubby put in shelves he built himself and then painted the whole thing.  Thanks to a fan helping the drying process, ALL my craft and bulky cleaning supplies have a new home!!!

This week, hubby also put the last of the knobs on the cabinets.  We were going to go with some leftover knobs from Mom and Dad...

But, we realized that we liked our original knobs better!

We got new blinds for the bathroom, and I finally convinced hubby to put up the valance I made =)

And we also did some rearranging in the bedroom!

PHEW!  I am TIRED... and the sun is out and the wind is gently playing the chimezzzzzzz....

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Sarah said...

Our Easter bunnies had red bows instead of green. Haha!l love the new room arrangement, by the way.