Sunday, April 22, 2012

Powder room update!

So, lots has happened on the floor of the powder room!  Friday after work, we pulled up tack strips and staples and started fixing the holes in the wall that the new vanity will not, sadly, cover.  Saturday, hubby laid out the new underlayment.  So, instead of the thick backerboard, we have this thin, waterproof stuff that makes the floor more of a floating floor, helping to prevent cracking.  Unfortunately, it also requires "unmodified" mortar... and we, of course, had "modified" mortar.  So, while hubby headed back to Home Depot, I sanded down the walls and put up another coat of plaster.  I also did some work on the holly bushes on the side of the house - one had a lot of dead wood in it, and I tried to trim them up a bit... but the holly bushes really won the battle in the end, and I ended up with scratches all over my arms!

I got the difficult yet glamorous job of handing the tiles into the bathroom... Winston also thought he should help.  I think he was happy to get to stand back in his safe place.  I'm also pretty sure he thought he should be in a lap.

He got booted pretty quickly with no lap love and decided to take up residence on my lap....

The final product is starting to look pretty good!  We can't grout until tonight, and with the crummy weather, I'm not sure that will happen (grout gets mixed up outside, ya know).  But, we hope to have the final(ish) product ready for dinner company next Saturday!

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