Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still down 1/2 bath :)

SO, after my attempt to wash down the walls and then hubby's super wash-down, we tried out our three shades:

The dark one on the left was pretty but a bit too dark.  The one on the far right looked a little purple in person.  The one in the middle, which hubby spotted on his new favorite blog, turned out to be our favorite.  It was the truest gray color.  After dinner Saturday, we had just enough time to run to Home Depot and pick up the paint... which meant hubby had time to paint the first coat last night and the second coat today!  WOO!

With the walls done, it was time to inspect the tiles and decide which to go with...

I love the shape of the rectangular tile, but hubby said it kind of looked like stained concrete... and now, every time I look at it, that's all I see.  We originally wanted to do slate, but it was super-thick tile, and that would have meant having to remove the subfloor.  I've had enough of that, thankyouverymuch, so we're going with the faux slate 6x6 tiles instead (in the corner... duh, the only other tiles in the picture).  Same pretty coloring, thinner tiles negate the need to tear out subfloor, and they will hopefully go in easily.  We're considering (hah, "we"... as if hubby would let me go near the tile saw while it's running) putting them in on the diagonal to add interest, since it's such a small space.  We're also using a new underlayment that is thin and way more flexible than cement board.  It's kind of expensive, but we're hoping it's worth it.
Oh, and Winston? So not a fan of this.  It's noisy, messing up the freedom to use the bedroom hallway... and that bathroom carpet was one of his favorite hideouts.

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