Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend update

Friday, we planned to celebrate Sherry's birthday by bringing her a special cake to Cherrie's, where she was working a party.  I came home from work to a grumbly hubby.  It was late, and his egg whites wouldn't whip up.  Then, later that evening, he attempted to put the special cake - a malt ball cake - together with more grumbling.  The "frosting" was more like yummy chocolate soup.  Despite some time in the fridge, it didn't quite make it to her in one whole piece, but it was still delish, she was happy with it, and we still managed to celebrate her on her special day:

So, we laid low this weekend.  No one in the house was feeling particularly wonderful.  Winston felt crummy on Saturday and curled himself up next to me in the chair where I was working (yes, I work on Saturdays, no I don't actually mind most of the time):

Hubby slept a LOT, and I could almost hear Grandma telling me "He does too much" =)  And then Sunday, I got hit with a take-some-anti-nausea-meds-and-pull-the-covers-over-your-head kind of a migraine.  Quite the household here!

So, I suggested to hubby Sunday night that we should make a list of all the little things that need to be finished up so far...

1. Clean up grout
2. Seal grout
3. Knobs on upper cabinets on sink wall
4. Knobs on white cabinets in breakfast nook
5. Window treatment
6. Caulk
7. Door to pantry install

Wet bar:
1. Paint
2. Install baseboard
3. Fill with craft crap =)

Front room closet:
1. Build desk on right side
2. Bike hanger
3. Fill with tool crap =)

In the meantime, I think we might just enjoy the house and some (obviously needed) R&R!

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