Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 short years ago...

...we began work on my first house (that became OUR house and then, towards the end, a multi-generational house, right mom and dad?). And we all sat with amazement, eating our happy meals on slate tiles stacked up on the screened-in porch that still had grass carpet (think astro-turf), as we watched the pickers come around at bulky item pickup time (conveniently two weeks after I closed on the house) and throw my house trash in their trucks. Ah, good memories.

Well, folks, they did not cease to amaze us this year. I pulled up 300 sq ft of 5 year old carpet squares Saturday morning, recently, uh, christened by a dog and a 9 year old boy. To be nice about it, they were gross. See?  Be glad you don't have smell-a-blog capabilities.

We were on a mission to replace the floor, which I will get to in a minute. Meanwhile, overnight last night, 300 sq ft of gross carpet squares at the curb went from a huge stack to this!!!!  Talk about recycling?

Ok, so back to the house... we decided on a floating vinyl teak look floor. It just sticks to itself. It was very reasonable (approximately $1.70/sq ft versus the $7/sq ft quoted for the cheapest floating floor the flooring guys had - psh, whatever), and we could put it down ourselves. So, we got it last weekend (it has to acclimate to the house) and decided to lay it this weekend (tenant offered to be gone all weekend). Thank God neither one of us has to move Monday! =). We had to rent a big roller and I had to buy some different square measure thingies, but it went down pretty easily.  As in, with minimal cursing =)

Well until the last 2 rows. We were tired and hurt (not like cut - just everything ached!) and the cuts just seemed impossible (two vents, two door thresholds, and cable coming through the floor). So, we left it for the night and groaned ourselves out of bed this morning for more fun. After we got all the floor down, we headed out for quarter round and a break. Hubby loaded the chop saw into the truck and that was where we decided it should stay...

So we got the shoe molding down and think it looks fabulous!!!!!  We are wishing we had discovered this stuff about 5 years ago... although its cost is about double my original budget for the carpet squares... but at least found it like a year or two ago.  Actually, Jeff Lewis just put it down in a super-expensive house he did, so we feel like that qualifies it for whatever use.  We'll see how it wears, but it looks really good right now =) (disclaimer: that is not my choice of color on the wall.)

Of course, we are gonna collapse ourselves into an exhausted heap now!!!  Or, do laundry and clean the house.  Ya know, whatevs.

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