Sunday, June 3, 2012

A proud hubby, a scared puppy, and a happy baby!

We've had a busy weekend here at Turnberry Love!  First, I just have to show off my beautiful hydrangeas...  

They were attacked by a heavy rainstorm on Friday, which meant that I had the perfect excuse to cut a few blooms to decorate the table for our dinner guests Saturday!  I just can't believe those are ours.  They are SO BEAUTIFUL!  

So, on to the progress this weekend.  We loved what the dark color did for the shelves in the great room so much that we decided to do the same sort of thing in the display cabinets in our breakfast nook.  You see, we just felt like you couldn't really see the stuff in the cabinets:

So, Thursday, we headed over to the Home Depot and picked up paint samples.  We originally thought about doing a darker version of the walls, but Mom happened to call while I was looking at samples and suggested trying a pop of color, too.  We narrowed it down to these 4 and decided we really liked the greens, on the right.  Sorry, it's a little tough to see.  Too many pictures this weekend to color correct =)  So, Friday, I had to work late.  Hubby took the opportunity to head over and pick up two samples - the awesome thing is that we actually only needed the sample to cover the back of the cabinet!  When I got back from getting my hair cut Saturday, there was a tough decision to be made...  Channelling the eye doctor...
Better one?

Better two?

Well, what we aren't showing here is how we put clear and solid colored stuff in each.  Both sets of items looked better with the slightly lighter background, so that's what we went with!  Again, sorry about the crummy-ish pictures thanks to me not fixing the pics.  Maybe I'll do another round today...

OK, now let's get to the reason for the title of this post.  A little backstory.  Remember that weird part of the hallway that had a door into a random section of hallway with some cabinets that led into the kitchen? And how hubby built the beautiful bench where the door was?  And then how we made the pantry?  Well, I LOVE the pantry, as does pretty much every person who visits, but having those shelves open to the kitchen was actually never really in our plan.

However, the door was just a SMIDGE too big for the opening, which had never had a door, and hubby was thinking we were going to have to hire a finish carpenter.  So, the door has hung out in various rooms of the house.  Until this week.  He started researching (thanks This Old House!) and decided maybe he could do it himself!  So, he bought the necessary tools and got to work (see him hiding?): 

We put the door up and decided that it might fit once the hinges were recessed.  So, I held the door up for him so he could trace where those needed to go... and he got to work.  We got it hung up, and it was still a tiny bit off.  I was off cleaning and the next thing I knew, he was calling my name.  Here comes the proud hubby moment... he pulled the moulding off and took out all the shims, and by golly, the door fit!!!

Which brings me to the second reason for the title of this post...  a scared puppy.  Winston was not a fan of all the scary noise going on in his kitchen.  Couple that with the vacuum cleaner in his other safe spaces, and he decided the outdoors was a better choice.  

But, when he did come in to see the progress, he was much happier being an... arm dog?  Shoulder dog?

So, hubby gave poor Winston a little break and headed out for the last of his supplies.  And, just a wee bit later, the door was hung with a stopper and a latch and everything!  He then had to de-gloss it and paint it to match the rest of the trim... and suddenly... TA-DA!!!  Hubby is a finish carpenter!

So, finally, the happy baby.  We had dinner guests over last night!

Andrea took a baking lesson from hubby on the caramel cake...

While Adam...

...and happy baby Noah and I cheered them on =)

Ah!  One more thing!  Remember how last weekend, we moved the granite-topped sofa table out of the great room?  Well, it moved into the dining room as a buffet =)  And, we picked up a lamp at Marshall's yesterday!  We're going to have to bring it back though =(  Its shade was all stained when I unwrapped it. They had another one, so we're hopeful that this lamp style will be staying!

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