Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Cleaner (Laundry) World

Everyone who has gotten a home tour has missed our "laundry room", which is just really a closet big enough for stackables and a water heater. While part of it is because it's not exciting, the other reason is that the whole room was covered in lint. Why? You ask. Well, the dryer was originally vented into a bowl of water, basically. When we moved in, it progressed to a knee high, and Mom often said that moist heat couldn't be good. Well, I lobbied for venting the dryer to the outside, but other projects won out.  However, when Chris, our electrician, announced that our GFCI breaker (a pricey piece of equipment, mind you) had probably gone bad because of all the lint 2 Sundays ago, hubby got the grin.  Next thing you know, we're at Lowe's buying stuff to vent the dryer!  I didn't do the full before effect, but you can see the clumps of lint from where I had started sweeping the baseboards here.  Please note that this was not the first time I had cleaned this space, as those lint balls may lead you to falsely assume!  We sneezed for 2 days straight.

You may also notice hubby in this picture.  He's behind the dryer, cutting a hole in the floor.  See?

It was not a fun job.  It required lots of yelling through the floor, which would inevitably result in Winston barking his fool head off and me snatching him up to make him quiet.  The pieces didn't fit together easily, and I refused to go under the house to hold stuff for hubby.  I held it from the laundry room, but the crawl space is NOT big enough for this chickita, thankyouverymuch. (Note: it is, unfortunately, big enough, that all work at the floor level was uncomfortably high for hubby.  Good thing there were cinder blocks down there for him to sit on!)

Anyway, I cleaned everything off.  Twice.  And hubby even painted and took out the GROSS shelving unit (plastic coated closet shelves + moist heat = disgusting stickiness).  Et voila!  We have a beautiful, clean laundry room!!!

The best part is that my million loads of laundry this past Sunday did not affect our house's climate.  A thing of beauty, I tell ya.  And yes, that gorgeous floor is original.  One of these days, it might get replaced...

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