Monday, July 23, 2012

Blinded by the light...

So, you may remember that we purchased blinds for the master bath a while ago.  For only $18.  Well, about 2 weekends ago, we headed back to JCPenney to get more - for all 3 bedrooms to be exact.  Unfortunately, they were out.  However, the super-nice (slightly nutty) cashier managed to price over-ride them and order all of them for our original giving price!  She then managed to have them sent to our house free of charge.  
They arrived this week, and hubby set to hanging them up!  It makes a HUGE difference in the heat on that side of the house!  Winston pouted the first day when he realized he couldn't see out the front windows.  Opening those blinds has now become part of my morning routine.  Spoiled puppy!
Here's an office window...

And one of the guest bedroom windows.  It feels so much more cozy!

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