Monday, July 9, 2012

A great weekend

A great weekend guys, a great weekend.  My paw-ents actually did no home improvements (other than their usual cleaning frenzy), and I had guests on Saturday night!  She was a little protective of MY bones, but I was a good boy and shared.

She did kind of freak me out a few times, so I sought safety...

I swear they were having a better time than it looks like in this picture.  They were in the middle of a serious conversation, clearly.  And I can assure you that the meringue on that chocolate pie they're having was awesome!!!  

Sunday, I got to rest up even more because my paw-ents headed to Charlotte to see Chris and Caroline.  It was lovely.  When they got back, mom kept talking about how cute the "preggo" Caroline looks and how fabulous their new house is!  She's looking forward to heading back one more time before - I hear, anyway - I am once again going to have competition for the cutest, littlest thing in the room.  

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