Friday, July 27, 2012

It's curtains for you, curtains, you hear?

Minute 5:

These next valances, to replace the depressing ones in the study, required a lot of pickiness.  I'm more of an "artsy" sewing gal.  However, these had to be perfect, seeing as they were a pattern you could easily see and a plaid border.  I used my Simplicity book for directions and carefully lined them.  I measured and measured and measured some more.  I pressed.  I did it all.  It took way longer than my last attempt.  

The dining room became my official craft room.

I planned to do tabs in the contrasting plaid.  Again, I carefully measured.  According to the book, they needed to be the length of the loop plus 5 inches and 3.5 inches wide.  According to the book, I needed 33 of them.  Eh, NAH.  I cut it down to 21 (7 per valance).  I cut 21 perfectly square tabs.  I folded them over, and sewed half inch seams on 8 of them.  Then, I decided, I should try them to make sure I liked them because they seemed awfully... dinky.  Well, I managed to get ONE turned right side out.  After like 15 minutes of struggling.  These darned things turned out to need 16 inches of length.  Hubby tried to help and gave up after trying to figure out how to start the turning it inside out process.  So, I attached one with a pin to the curtain and asked him what he thought.  He no likey.  Me either.

I especially didn't like the idea of having to do THAT amount of work another 20 times.  So, I decided we should go with rings.  Rings that clip on, to be exact.  Well, we picked those up at the Lowe's tonight while looking at bathroom stuff (ugh, more on that later...), et voila!

We went from this:

To this:

To... drumroll please... THIS!

A thing of beauty, I tell ya, a thing of beauty.  I am purty darned proud, to say the least.

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