Sunday, July 1, 2012

An update from Winston, since my parents have been so busy.

A message from Winston:

I am sure you have noticed a lack of blogging from my mom.  Well, let me tell you, she's been one busy lady.  A few weekends back, she and dad headed off to Charleston with my grandpawents to do some prep work for my uncle's wedding next year.  It was beautiful:

But it meant that they LEFT me.  It turned out to be pretty OK.  My grandma took me to her house, where I got to pick blueberries (sorry about the sideways picturse - I didn't realize what a tough job mom has posting these things!)...

...and hang with the boys, playing poker and drinking all night (don't worry mom and dad, I didn't smoke)...

When they got home, my grandpaw had surgery on his paw - I mean foot!

So, Mom and I hung out with him one afternoon while dad was on a business trip - she worked while I guarded him.  Man, it's a tough job to try to keep up with caring for all my people.

The next weekend, company came.  I love company.  Except the company this time included a little person who was just about my size.

Everyone just thought she was soooo cute, and I kept getting in trouble for trying to get the treats she'd offer me (well, at least I THOUGHT she was offering them all to me).  So, I figured, if she was going to be in her mom's lap...

...I was sitting in mine.  Safe from the noise and unpredictable movements of a scary 14 month old baby.

I at least had my cousin, Daisy, for support... and she also decided it was safest with her mom.

My mom just seemed to love Natalie.  So much so, she even let Natalie play the piano with her!

Well, little lady, two can play that game.  I want you to know that is MY SPOT!

Anyway, my grandma had a birthday.  She's a special lady, and I wanted her to have a special day.  I also needed a break from all the company.  All those women and their laughter can wear a guy out!  So, I sent them all up to the mountains for the day, while I helped dad prepare a special birthday meal for her.

So, then, last weekend, my parents left me AGAIN.  This time, I got to hang with my grandpawents and my good buddy Aunt Martha.  (Mom was sad that Natalie and Jessie had gone home, but I was a little relieved.  I'm just not used to that kind of activity.) Mom and dad headed to Wilmington for my aunt Christina's wedding...

I must say, I sent them off in style.

By the following Monday, after a few tutorial sessions, my aunt Martha was rocking out using her iPad!

We had one last delish dessert (I know - Martha let me finish hers) before she left.

So, now, we're almost caught up.  You can imagine that there was a lot of (scary) house cleaning going on in preparation for visitors and whatnot.  Just when I thought things were going to settle down, my parents decided to get a king size bed.  Now, they tell me that this purchase had a lot to do with me.  They claim that I have a tendency to shove both of them out of bed.  Don't believe them.  The real deal is that I want to be snuggled up to BOTH of them, yet I don't want to get smothered, either.  A puppy's legs need to have their space, you know.   Well, anyway.  Friday, some dude I'd never seen before had the NERVE to come into MY house, and my parents wouldn't let me at him.  He left the bed, so I guess it wasn't that bad.  Friday night, mom and dad started moving mattresses around and really freaked me out.  They let me ride with them to bring one to Clemmons.  That made me feel a little better.

They were pretty excited about the deal that they got on the bedspread, bedskirt, and pillow shams.  They put it all together, admired their work... and then I tried to get in bed.  I was EXHAUSTED.  May I just share my disappointment with them?  They got a bed too high for me.  And sheets too slippery.  I tried to jump up and fell.  Harrumph.  I must say, though, it sure is nice to have all that space to spread out in... and the comforter adds another layer of soft comfort for my sleeping pleasure.  

Dad finished the headboard for the new bed.  He started on it quite some time ago, and it's been hanging out in the hallway waiting for a bed to go with it.  It needed some extra moulding to get finished, so he did that yesterday while mom cleaned and ironed and cooked and whatnot.  I have to say, he did a pretty nice job.

Well, folks, hopefully, life is going to slow down a little for my paw-ents, and mom will be back to her regular posting schedule, because my paws are killing me from all this work!

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