Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A soggy situation

You may remember my delight in the installation of the dryer vent.  It's working lovely, and now that hubby has fixed the way it looks on the outside of the house, the neighbor is happy again (he called very concerned that our yard people had messed with the crawl space vent).  Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you believe ignorance is bliss...), he discovered that both showers have leaks while under the house.  So, the Jack and Jill bathroom remodel got moved to high priority.  Over the carport.  Sad.
So, one Friday night, there was lots of noise... and lots of fiberglass dust... as hubby ripped the stall out of the bathroom.

We picked up the bro's car, and I helped him load it all in to take to the dump.  We had to ride with the windows down so as to avoid breathing in any leftover fiberglass =)  

The next day, Dad was enlisted for assistance with pluming.  We wanted to take out the silly footbath thing (do I need to tell you how many bruises I have from that?) and put in a new faucet.  Thankfully, they started just in time to realize they needed stuff from the plumbing place that closed in 45 minutes!

So, they got it all ready for testing - all the joints were sautered (sawtered?  whatever, you know what I mean).  Dad was standing in the stall of the shower, ready to check for leaks, hubby in the closet at the water shutoff, and me at the ready to detect water just outside the stall.  Well, folks, they installed the faucet in the "on" position.  So, the water came flying out of the copper pipe at the top, where the shower head will be eventually.  Dad was so shocked, he didn't turn it off.  I was laughing too hard.  I think hubby shut off water at the sound of massive amounts flowing all over Dad.  He's such a good sport.  I gave him the biggest dry t-shirt I had.

Eh... right, so it was a little small.  Anywho, we then headed to find ourselves some tile.  I actually love the tile we got.  We were looking for something... reasonable, and we found it!  Like it so much, it's going on the floor and the shower walls!  It is HEAVY... and it hung out in the foyer until our neighborhood party Sunday.

So, here's where we are... the base is set in place for a dry fitting, you can see a piece of the tile we're going to use... and a generally big mess.  I'm getting myself pumped up for Venetian Plastering this weekend.  Woo.  Hoo.  

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