Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy 1 year anniversary, Turnberry Love :)

Today marks our 1 year anniversary in Turnberry.  One year ago today, we were tearing out carpet and pulling out particle board.  Wow.  Time flies.  So I thought it was time for before and afters...  starting with the patio:

Before, a little dated and overgrown:

After, some new plants, a lot of pruning, some grass for Winston, and my attempts at keeping plants alive:

The powder room!  Before, sad little built in, carpeting, and loud (but admittedly fun) wallpaper:

After, soft grey, Bill Gramley's artwork, a larger mirror, a new light fixture, tile flooring, and new vanity!

The front bedroom.  Before, mint green (with cool but disintegrating drapes):

After, soft, creamy yellow, handmade curtains, hardwood floors, and purpose = office!

Guest bedroom before, floral drapes, while walls, and, you guessed it!  Carpet.

 Guest bedroom after - soft green walls, hardwood floors, and our original bed quilt!

The master bedroom before, white walls again (I think so they didn't compete with the drapes), and that lovely carpet continuing!

After, light blue-grey walls, hardwoods, and our new and hugely awesome king-sized bed!

Before, the master bath, with it's loud wallpaper that is happy to wake you up first thing... oh, and a floor to match.

After, same lovely floor, but new curtains and a much nicer color on the wall...

Before, the large great room, empty, carpeted, and... peachy?

 After, light and two-toned, a fixed and flat ceiling, and cabinets ready to highlight all our "stuff"... oh, and hardwood floors!

On to the kitchen!  Before, really... yellow.

After, sunny, modern, and hopefully welcoming!

The dining room, before, wallpaper only Travis liked:

After, grand, sparkly, and royal!

The entry, before... carpeted, slightly dark, and peach.

After, bright, welcoming, and neutral... with hardwood floors, of course!

And now for a few of my favorite little vignettes that have evolved over the year!

The entryway - one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and street artist sketches from Vienna!

The hallway to the bedrooms... lots of artwork around here!

The shelves in the great room, "edited" by mom.

And my beautiful, beautiful baby grand :)

There are still a lot of projects to tackle.  The Jack and Jill bathroom is still torn down to its studs.  The Master bath needs help.  The house is in major need of a major organization overhaul.  Hubby is already talking about re-painting the bedroom.  We're discussing a carport, and we're considering building another closet for the master suite.  We shall see what year 2 will bring!

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Dottie Lyvers said...

Absolutely beautiful, Alexis! Wow. Such an amazing difference. Happy Anniversary in your house.