Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Well, it seems those pics I promised last weekend never happened.  I blinked and suddenly it's Monday and I'm back at work and then Tuesday and I STILL haven't posted our progress!  How rude!  While I was gone, hubby did some prep work in the bathroom (put up backer-board in the shower) and finished the mini-makeover in the laundry room!  The shelves are in and everything has a fresh coat of paint.

But, even cooler is the fact that the old yellow floor is no more!

This weekend, while I was in Raleigh, he put down the orange stuff for the tile floor in the bathroom and taped the shower.  We are ready for tiling!

He also installed the new light fixture (obviously the globes aren't on it)... let there be light!

I was on cleanup crew again... and I couldn't help but laugh, coming around the corner and seeing this in the middle of the floor - Winston's toys and a screw.  Pretty much sums up our house these days!

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