Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Organization station

This past weekend, we stayed pretty darned busy.  I ran 10 miles, we went to a bday celebration for a special little 1 year old, I ordered new spectacles, and we did a LOT of work on the house!  Bunches of our storage spaces have been getting a little out of hand.  People come over, and when you're in the midst of a renovation, the stuff that has to be out for you to work ends up getting shoved into random places.  I started with the cabinets below the bookshelf.  They are so nicely organized now!  In my cleaning out, I found my dad's hospital birth certificate and the last birthday card my Nan ever sent me. It was all by itself, in with some other random things.  Funny, since not getting a card that said "Love, Nan" was one of the toughest things for me on my birthday.  It was a wonderful found treasure.  

So, that was so successful, I started in on the kitchen pantry.  I have those awesome shelves hubby bought, but everything had been shoved in there lately.  You couldn't walk in to it really, see?

The floor was pretty much covered, and I think we had enough plastic bags to supply a small grocery store for a week.

So, I pulled everything out and re-organized... I think it's looking pretty good!

The best part is that you can actually walk back in to the pantry again!!!

Hubby got inspired.  In fact, everything in his living room tool cabinet is currently hanging out on a blanket in the living room waiting for a home.  But, before he could organize that, he had to start customizing his tool closet, the closet in the front office.  So, up went his peg board.  My man has a LOT of hammers.  The tool closet is slowly making progress to being functional storage!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paint update!

Hubby has wanted to pain our bedroom for quite some time.  Well, finally, I had the valences ready to be hung... and that created lots of spots on the wall to be filled, along with other spots that hadn't yet been patched.  Clearly, this meant that we should just pick another paint color, right?  Honestly, with the slow progress despite lots of hard work in the bathroom, I think he needed to see something CHANGE and be rewarded for the hard work.  Winston was not a fan of this process, as you can see.  

So, hubby picked up just a few colors the other weekend when he was JUST running in to pick up one thing...

We narrowed the selection down to two choices.  One was a tan about the color of the design in our valences.  The other was a darker version of what was on the walls already...

And after painting samples and getting a confirmation opinion from our friend Mandy, who was on the house update tour this weekend =), we went with the darker version of what was already on there... giving the room a little bit more punch!  Everything got moved to the middle of the room...

But by the end of the day, it was all back together!  And by this afternoon, the new valences were hung =) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The curtain and wall sagas continue

So, I told you my curtains had a case of the Mondays, right?  Well, we were re-evaluating on Friday night with the help of Jared, Jordan, Adam and Andrea, and we decided they weren't really that bad after all.  So, I pinned up the other two curtains... unfortunately, I pinned them in the wrong direction.  Fail.

So, I managed through the last valance and added the trim... and hung one to test it out.  

It has to be raised up to almost the ceiling, which means wall patching.  Which means hubby wants to change the wall color...

OK, so to show some progress in the Jack and Jill bathroom, we did some top-coating today!  I had to take a pic before it dried to prove that I did do something to the wall!

Hubby hung the mirrors and put the globes on the bathroom light fixtures... which are hard to see because I of course did not get around to photographing it until late this evening.  I'll try for better pics the next update ;)

Happy birthday, hubby!

I have known you and loved you for more than a third of your life.  I have celebrated you the 19th of October every year since we turned 17, even though birthdays are not your thing.  You picked me up in Grandma's car for the inaugural ride in the 'Benz.  I regretted wearing the dance concert t-shirt I had on.  I bought you the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack CD that year.  You bought me MAC eye shadow, and the woman at the counter asked if you were my boyfriend.  Six years ago, I spent your birthday trying to get to Vermont to say goodbye to my Pop.  Two years ago, I finally started to get Grandma's cake right.  This year, I wanted to surprise you for your birthday.  Because surprising you is so darned difficult and because I wanted to show you how special you are.  So, I set the plan a few weeks in advance, and our family joined me in celebrating you this 19th of October.  I hope you don't mind the little white lie or the fact that I surprised you even though you hate surprises... I just couldn't think of another, better way to celebrate a milestone birthday of the man I love.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My curtains have a case of the Mondays.

So, the case of the curtains continues.  I finished hemming them tonight and started in on putting them together.  Unfortunately, this brought about several negative things.   (#1) Hubby reminded me that we had apparently agreed in the store that they would look like the one in the bathroom (i.e., a good deal longer and fuller)    (#2) Clearly, #1 is impossible now that all 3 have been cut   (#3) The pattern has about a 2 in slant, and I cut using the pattern as a guide so they wouldn't look crooked  (#4) #3 means that the curtains are ending up 2 inches SHORTER than I originally planned and if you look across the top or bottom, they look crooked!!!    ARRRGH!  So, I put one together and threw it up on the rod using some leftover clips (oh, and then there's (#5), apparently I had planned - in the store - to allow for a rod pocket, not clips) just to see how it looks.  I have tassels for the bottom, but I'm not putting those on until I decide what to do.  Nor am I doing any more ironing of said curtains.  Hubby thinks we have to go back on another fabric hunt.  Me?  I think I should go to bed and hope said curtains and I have a better day tomorrow =) 

Busy busy busy!

What a fabulous weekend!  Amazing weather, old friends, and PROGRESS at Turnberry Love!

Saturday night, hubby decided to try to rearrange the furniture.  He wanted our couch to go somewhere else in the room.  It landed in 3 different places (and the desk and all chairs moved at least 6 times) until he finally agreed - again - that the couch can only really have 1 home.  When I wasn't needed for lifting, Winston and I snuggled and watched.  Winston was very happy to have his couch back where it belongs.  With the slight changes, the room does look more open, though!  The desk moved to the opposite side of the room.

And a chair moved from our bedroom to join the recliner in another little seating area, replacing the desk at the end of the room.  I also swagged our curtains the way Mom saw it done in some fancy designer magazine :)

I started fixing the mess I made with our valences while Trav grouted (and then I helped clean up) the new tile floor in the guest bath.   Lightbulbs got changed and new light fixtures went up outside, too, but they're not very exciting and it was dark when I was taking pictures of everything!  

On to the rest of the bathroom renovation!  Tile in the shower, finishing the walls, painting the vanity... NBD =)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bring on the fall weather... and a fabric cutting fail.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the snap dragons (which were starting to look sad) and hello to mums and pansies!

Then, it was time to get around to making those valences for our bedroom that I have been putting off.  Problem #1: I couldn't remember the measurements.  So, I measured out the lining and came up with 6 yards.  Clearly, since I have 3 windows in the bedroom, this meant I had intended to make the curtains about a yard long with double width fabric!  Aha!  So, I got to cutting.  

Which bring us to Problem #2: the patterns didn't match up.  I should have been able to split the fabric down the middle and match it up on either side.  Except the pattern repeated every 18 inches and I cut it every 39 inches, not thinking about the pattern repeat.  *sigh*  Winston was unimpressed but did feel the need to make sure all that fabric I had just ironed got good and wrinkled again so I'd have time to think about what I had done.

Well, we went to dinner, and hubby asked me what I was going to do for the rest of the night.  When I said anything but work on those blasted valences and explained the problem, he said "measure twice cut once!" I cut it correctly, I explained, but just did it based on the 3 windows instead of the pattern.  He looked at me.  "You mean 4 windows."  Which leads us to Problem #4: We had bought enough fabric originally to cover 4 windows - 3 in the bedroom and 1 in the bathroom.  ARGH!!!  Even Winston was giving me a disapproving stare.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bye Bye 20s

Wow, another decade down.  I remember my Grampa telling me time just sped up as you got older.  I didn't believe him.  

I do now.  

Looking back at my 20s... a lot has happened in 10 years.  I've graduated.  Twice.  I have worked at 3 jobs.  I have taught over a dozen children and adults piano.  

I have met wonderful, wonderful friends.  I have said goodbye for this lifetime to beloved friends and family members.  I have fallen more in love with, then waited (and waited) to marry my best friend.  Then I married him.  I think we both knew it would happen after our first kiss twelve and a half years ago, if high school kids can know that sort of thing.  And it did.  Eventually.  

I got and fell in love with my very first furry baby.  I've taken said furry baby to the emergency vet at 2am. And my dad spent the night after said visit, watching him so I could go to my internship the next day.  Winston has been a companion for me and for so many family members and has taught us all a lot along the way (including patience!).  

I've been a bridesmaid four times.  I've sung in multiple weddings, one via a CD, and several funerals, too.  I've welcomed my friends' and family's precious children into this world and become a God-mother twice.  I've gotten to play "engagement assistant," including helping in the selection of engagement rings, and wedding planner. 

I've been to the beach lots, with one special night there - I'll never forget the moon as my husband knelt in the sand and then asked if I was ever going to say yes.  I've been to California, Florida, Washington, DC., Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Austria.   

I've been the sickest I've ever been, allowing my parents to literally carry me from bathroom to bedroom and into the hospital... and I spent 2 nights in the hospital under my future husband's diligent watch so my poor exhausted parents could rest.   Now, I'm the healthiest I've ever been, having completed my first half marathon and training for a second.  

I've bought and renovated 2 houses.  I have driven/owned 6 cars.  I have made duvets and window treatments and pulled up floors and hung cabinets with a nail rifle.  I have learned how to shoot a real gun.  I have learned how to do "science".  I have sat with dying patients and dying family members.  

Yes, I have fit a lot into this decade, and thinking back over it, I am overcome with awe for life and the privileges I have been granted.  I hope that I am doing enough for this world to show my thanks for the gifts bestowed on me.  Yes, I will proudly claim my 30 years and grin like a fool when people tell me I look so young.  I will readily agree that there is much more to come in the decades ahead and that life will probably speed up as I move forward, but I will do my best to stay in the moment, enjoy what is given to me, and give thanks for this beautiful life.  

30s, here I come.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anniversary getaway

One of these days, I'll get back to house updates.  Until then, some fun!  We headed to Charleston for our anniversary!

We had a wonderful time, especially at our special dinner at Magnolia's, where they presented us with the BEST strawberry sorbet ever as a special surprise!

We then headed up to Myrtle Beach for a few days for some good shopping, food, and awesome running space.  

When we got back, we were surprised by an invitation to hike with Jared, Jordan and Daisy!  Wouldn't pass that chance up for the world.

So lucky to spend my last days in my 20s this way!!!