Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy busy busy!

What a fabulous weekend!  Amazing weather, old friends, and PROGRESS at Turnberry Love!

Saturday night, hubby decided to try to rearrange the furniture.  He wanted our couch to go somewhere else in the room.  It landed in 3 different places (and the desk and all chairs moved at least 6 times) until he finally agreed - again - that the couch can only really have 1 home.  When I wasn't needed for lifting, Winston and I snuggled and watched.  Winston was very happy to have his couch back where it belongs.  With the slight changes, the room does look more open, though!  The desk moved to the opposite side of the room.

And a chair moved from our bedroom to join the recliner in another little seating area, replacing the desk at the end of the room.  I also swagged our curtains the way Mom saw it done in some fancy designer magazine :)

I started fixing the mess I made with our valences while Trav grouted (and then I helped clean up) the new tile floor in the guest bath.   Lightbulbs got changed and new light fixtures went up outside, too, but they're not very exciting and it was dark when I was taking pictures of everything!  

On to the rest of the bathroom renovation!  Tile in the shower, finishing the walls, painting the vanity... NBD =)

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