Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy birthday, hubby!

I have known you and loved you for more than a third of your life.  I have celebrated you the 19th of October every year since we turned 17, even though birthdays are not your thing.  You picked me up in Grandma's car for the inaugural ride in the 'Benz.  I regretted wearing the dance concert t-shirt I had on.  I bought you the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack CD that year.  You bought me MAC eye shadow, and the woman at the counter asked if you were my boyfriend.  Six years ago, I spent your birthday trying to get to Vermont to say goodbye to my Pop.  Two years ago, I finally started to get Grandma's cake right.  This year, I wanted to surprise you for your birthday.  Because surprising you is so darned difficult and because I wanted to show you how special you are.  So, I set the plan a few weeks in advance, and our family joined me in celebrating you this 19th of October.  I hope you don't mind the little white lie or the fact that I surprised you even though you hate surprises... I just couldn't think of another, better way to celebrate a milestone birthday of the man I love.

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