Monday, October 15, 2012

My curtains have a case of the Mondays.

So, the case of the curtains continues.  I finished hemming them tonight and started in on putting them together.  Unfortunately, this brought about several negative things.   (#1) Hubby reminded me that we had apparently agreed in the store that they would look like the one in the bathroom (i.e., a good deal longer and fuller)    (#2) Clearly, #1 is impossible now that all 3 have been cut   (#3) The pattern has about a 2 in slant, and I cut using the pattern as a guide so they wouldn't look crooked  (#4) #3 means that the curtains are ending up 2 inches SHORTER than I originally planned and if you look across the top or bottom, they look crooked!!!    ARRRGH!  So, I put one together and threw it up on the rod using some leftover clips (oh, and then there's (#5), apparently I had planned - in the store - to allow for a rod pocket, not clips) just to see how it looks.  I have tassels for the bottom, but I'm not putting those on until I decide what to do.  Nor am I doing any more ironing of said curtains.  Hubby thinks we have to go back on another fabric hunt.  Me?  I think I should go to bed and hope said curtains and I have a better day tomorrow =) 

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