Saturday, October 20, 2012

The curtain and wall sagas continue

So, I told you my curtains had a case of the Mondays, right?  Well, we were re-evaluating on Friday night with the help of Jared, Jordan, Adam and Andrea, and we decided they weren't really that bad after all.  So, I pinned up the other two curtains... unfortunately, I pinned them in the wrong direction.  Fail.

So, I managed through the last valance and added the trim... and hung one to test it out.  

It has to be raised up to almost the ceiling, which means wall patching.  Which means hubby wants to change the wall color...

OK, so to show some progress in the Jack and Jill bathroom, we did some top-coating today!  I had to take a pic before it dried to prove that I did do something to the wall!

Hubby hung the mirrors and put the globes on the bathroom light fixtures... which are hard to see because I of course did not get around to photographing it until late this evening.  I'll try for better pics the next update ;)

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