Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bathroom progress!

This weekend, we did a little work on the bathroom, too!  I sealed the floor so that the toilet could finally make its way out of the guest room back to where it belongs.  Well, the installation didn't go so smoothly, since the bolts weren't quite long enough, but hubby is awesome and fixed it.  Now there is just a slight tweak that will need to be made on a less frustrating day. =)  He hung some artwork.  I know that picture looks ridiculously high, but it's up there because we plan to buy and put a shelf up above the toilet... we have to wait until we get to go visit our friends Chris and Caroline in Charlotte and make an Ikea trip, though!

Hubby also hung another picture, put up the towel rack, and returned some towels to the space (next to a HUGE bag of renovation trash =)  So that we can feel like we are finally making progress to calling this space complete!

Left to do?  Paint the vanity, put in new sink fixtures, tile the shower, and finish the Venetian plaster.  Oh, and the window needs a treatment.  No big deal, right?  Is this bathroom EVER going to be done???

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