Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma

This lady loved me like her own granddaughter.

I had always wanted to sew.  My own Grammy passed away before teaching me.  So she taught me how to sew.

Everyone LOVED her chocolate cake.  So she taught me how to make it.

I needed people to interview for school.  So she let me tape our conversations.

She loved music.  So I taught her how to play.

She used to make us dinner when we were in school.  Later, she shared all her broccoli stalks with Winston.  And even later, we fed her yogurt and chocolate pudding, dressed her, carried her to bed.  She LOVED chocolate pudding... and she would mostly go back to bed easily when she'd wake us up in the middle of the night, thinking it was daytime or that someone was there.  I sometimes miss those sleepless weekends.

And, I loved her grandson.  So I think she loved me for that, too.  And that love continues on every day.

She used to tell hubby he did too much, that he needed to take a break and take a nap.  Well, go figure, hubby is super-sick because no one is here to remind him to take it easy.

Happy Birthday, Grandma.

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