Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shutter paint...

So, our neighbors had their house painted.  Painting our house trim has been on the to-do list.  What hasn't been on the to-do list?  Painting our shutters.  Why?  They're vinyl, and we didn't think you could paint vinyl shutters.  Back to the neighbors, who also have vinyl shutters, which got painted!  Travis talked to the paint guys at the store, and they said we can!  WAHOO!  NO MORE BROWN!

Well, at least no more brown once we get our paint colors approved and manage to actually find time to paint said shutters :)  SO, the fun stuff... the colors...

Hubby laughed as I quickly picked up a good number of his choices from the floor right off.  Even then, we were left with a hefty number.  I brought them to the front door and knocked off a few more.  Then he came out and knocked off a few more.  We were left with these, which I taped to the shutters!

We narrowed it down to 3 and moved them to the sunny side of the house.  Winston decided to give his two cents...

And when we had it narrowed down to two, hubby came out for a look!

So, what I'd LOVE is grey shutters and a green door.  I'm not sure the neighborhood will go for it.  We shall see!  

In the meantime, Winston wanted to show you his awesome new coat, a gift from his favorite parent, aka his dad.  Check out the waggy tail, showing that love!

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