Saturday, December 1, 2012

From a chicken to a rabbit.

It all started with some chit-chat at work... and then Bethany offering to join me for my last pre-Maple Leaf training run... then her thinking about backing out but changing her mind and pushing forward because my hubby called her a chicken.  We started training just two weeks after my Vermont experience.  We scheduled work around Thursday afternoon runs and our weekends around Saturday morning runs.  We had lots of time... and lots of time to talk.  I never thought I'd enjoy having a running buddy that much, but I did.  It was a whole different kind of therapy in comparison to my solo long runs.  And then the day came.  We were both nervous...

But felt ready to take on the hills of Buena Vista (and the hills of WFU/Reynolda Gardens, which are way worse).  We had run the route all through training.  Twelve miles went really well last weekend.  Well, the good news is that I hit my goal.  I finished without an asthma attack.  I learned my lesson and walked some hills when I felt myself wheezing.  I had the cheering squad of Robert and Olivia, then Mom and hubby several times, and Jaime and Eleanor (who managed to find her voice to cheer us on much louder than the last race!).  I also had random people who came out of their houses or drove and set up shop to cheer us on.   That makes such a difference.  At about mile 10, I told my running buddy to go.  She's the rabbit.  Super-fast, made for running.  The turtle continued on, powered on by hubby's smile telling me I had more to go.  I learned some important lessons for next time.  Namely, it is important to eat when you have to sit around for 2 hours before running another another 2 (I usually just get up and run, not needing to eat).  But I think this time, I look a little better, a little stronger, and about 40 minutes faster.

Yeah, I'll take that.  Next half, watch out.  I will TEAR YOU UP.  I maybe will even be able to keep up with my bunny running partner.

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