Monday, December 17, 2012

Professional movers.

This weekend, in what, if we really admit it, was another move to avoid conquering the rest of the bathroom remodel, we offered to move my bro and his soon-to-be bride!  Bro was out of town, so my parents, hubby, and future sister-in-law convened at the old place Saturday morning.  Five hours later, all the big stuff and the majority of the little stuff had made it to its new home!  We even managed to get all the bedroom furniture up stairs that twisted back on themselves (bro, if you think we're bringing that queen mattress and boxsprings back down that staircase in 6 months, you got another thing coming, so you might as well resign yourself to the fact that WFU will be your first choice; besides, it's a lovely place to stick around in for a while :-D).  It's an adorable place with a really nice kitchen and fabulous storage space.  It's sunny and happy, the walls are nice and neutral, and it's safe with an alarm system.  In between moving and partying, I started on my Christmas cookie-making.  So far, I've got 6 lbs (give or take, most likely take - it is gluten free, after all) of fudge, a couple dozen sugar cookies, and lemon spritz cookies!  Yum!

Anywho, these two elves decided to deliver a little Christmas cheer last night!

We left a note on it...

So they would know it was good elves sneaking in =)  Well, in our elf-defense, they did give us a key.  What did they expect?  Happy 1 year of engagement, lovebirds!!!

And, they loved it.  We love Christmas.  What a special time to be able to surprise our families and show them our thanks for all they do all year!  See, even Winston was getting in on the holiday cheer!

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