Saturday, January 12, 2013

An update from Winston

Hi there, my trusty fans, Winston here, taking over for Mom again.  She's apparently submitted some proposals or something yesterday and has another one this week, whatever that means.  All I know is it means that she's been sitting on her computer a lot more than usual.  Bonus for me is that I get way more snuggle time!  She actually SITS STILL.
Anyway, I thought I should take some time to share with you all what's been happening in the new year.  We've been a bit slow around here because Dad has been sick and Mom has been working on a top-secret project that she'll start sharing in May.  However, it does look like 2013 will bring a fully remodeled bathroom!  Dad has finished the tiling as of this afternoon.  This means that the tile has to set today and can be grouted tomorrow.  Mom is super-excited because it also means that she gets to finish the walls.  Well, she says that she's using sarcasm when she says that... whatever that means.  Anyway, isn't it pretty?  Dad is getting to be quite the talented tile guy.  He was pretty excited because he got to use his mini-saw that his in-laws gave him as a gift around a year ago, and it worked like a charm to make the hole for the shower-head.

Imagine that with grey grout, and we're all set!  I think Mom has been recruited to clean-up crew again, and wow, what a MESS she has to clean up!

Speaking of Mom, I have to give her a shout-out for her first successful fire last weekend.  It was quite a duty because the wood was still a little wet, so she spent about 2 hours coaxing this roaring fire into being.  I enjoyed the warmth, but all those popping sounds are Scary (capital S intended)!

As the bathroom project starts to come together, Mom and Dad have started thinking about how to make the "master suite" more sweet.  One idea they have is to reclaim some hallway "dead space."  This would be a big change (no more running straight from the couch in the front room to my bed that I let them occupy sometimes in the master).  So, Dad stuck the armoire out in the hallway to help us pretend it is no longer an option.  We'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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