Sunday, February 3, 2013

My new occupation (an update from Winston)

Well, guys, it's only 12:30 on a fine Sunday morning, but I have already had quite the weekend.  You see, my Grand-Paw got a new car.  If you give a man a new car, he's going to want to play with his new toy.  If the man is going to play with his new toy, he's going to need a ladder.  If you give the man a ladder to set the garage door opener, he's gonna climb on it.  And if you let that man climb on it... well, he might end up looking like this:

So, Friday night, I had to go comfort him in his pain and keep his mind off the surgery scheduled for Saturday morning.  Saturday morning, I had to make sure Mom got out of the house in time to see him before surgery and hold down the fort while everyone waited for him to get out of surgery.  Saturday night, I had to keep a close watch on him.  He likes to do stuff he shouldn't, in case you haven't figured that out already.

I'm sending all my puppy-powers to make sure he heals quickly.  It's exhausting work, being a nurse-dog.  I don't know how I keep ending up like this.  I think nursing is my new occupation.

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