Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend getaway!

We've been working so hard weekday and weekend, we decided to slip away for a little R&R. Saturday morning Winston and I headed out to share the sunrise!

Winston headed back to keep hubby company, and I headed out for a run. Lucky me, I got to first watch the marathoners and then turn around and join them! At mile 16, the leader was at about 1.5 hours. Smoking!!! I waited to turn around when I could actually keep up with the runners. :)

Hubby and I headed out for some retail therapy. We found awesome sales (and yes, that's only what I bought...)!

Hubby's method of display... well...

Anyway, the weather started changing, and the wind was ridiculous!!!  It made hubby's hair stick straight up...a and stay that way.

Halfway through an amazing dinner, it started snowing.

No, seriously. See?

In fact, it was so cold this morning, I bundled up in all the layers I brought, and Winston and I headed back out. Yes that is sand AND snow!!!

It was a wonderful refresher. Just what we needed!! Pics of bathroom remodel updates to follow soon!

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