Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sherry aka how we rocked Sherry's birthday aka back where we started (again)...

Happy Birthday, Sherry!  We decided to celebrate a day early with dinner and early present-opening last night!

That, folks, is a Kate Spade there.  Pretty spiffy!

After dinner, hubby convinced Sherry to help us move the great room.  Again.  Don't worry, Martha, I haven't paid anyone to come in and tell me what to do yet.

We moved the couch to the wall where the TV is (again) to see if we should move the entrance to our bedroom.  Trav tested out the view from the couch if we put the TV above the fireplace...

All the chairs ended up in a cluster...

But it looked like a campfire or bridal shower or story time or...

See?  Seriously, not a good look.

So for the twentieth time, we are once again sitting on the couch back where it was.  The chairs are across from us, back where they were ages ago before we started moving them around.  And, once again, we've decided that we need two smaller matching chairs...

Happy Birthday, Sherry!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Winston here.  I can't believe she forgot.  Clearly, the return to the cold weather caused a brain freeze for my Mom.  We had a beautiful weekend a few weeks back, with weather into the 70s.  This led me and Mom outside to do a little spring cleaning on the courtyard.  You see, it really needed it.

LOTS of onions there, getting in my way and threatening to be smelly.  They were huge, and there were LOTS of them...  Hard to tell them apart from the monkey grass (my personal favorite)

I had mom start putting them all in a grocery bag, but it became abundantly clear very quickly that she needed a full-sized trash bag to handle this job...

Once all the weeds were out, I helped her spread pine needles.

It's sort of tough work, but it looked so nice when I was done.  I felt very accomplished.  I'm hurt that she didn't show off my handy-work.  *sniff*  Excuse me, I'm going to go find her, stare her down, buff, and then go ignore her now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lucky 13

Thirteen years ago, my best friend finally got up enough courage to kiss me.  The rest is a sweet history =)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Mother Nature...


Anyway, we've halted work on Turnberry Love to turn our attention to our first house.  The woman living there has moved out, and we've implemented OPERATION SELL MY HOUSE full blast there.  We spent every weeknight last week painting.  All three bedrooms and the kitchen are now "Creamy Mushroom."  The worst of the bedrooms went from this...

To this...

It's been a team effort...

... and we even recruited Mom Wednesday night and Saturday...

And my co-worker Erin on Saturday!  We also decided to update the front door color because it was in major need of new paint.  I LOVE this color.  I wish my neighbors would be OK with us painting our front door this color, but I just don't think it would pass...

Saturday, we spent most of our time painting the back room.  It was this terrible yellow color - the picture doesn't do it justice.  It looked like the walls had yellowed with age or smoke, as opposed to being that color on purpose.  Hubby laughed when he showed me why I liked our new color so much... the darker grey-tan on the left is Creamy Mushroom.  The lighter version of that color on the right is the original color I painted the room in 2007!  We painted the bottom half of the room white and the top half Creamy Mushroom.  It is happy and bright again... I'll try to remember to take a picture.  I didn't do a good job of that this weekend.

Sunday, hubby did touchups of all the nail holes in the walls while I caulked the bathtub and the kitchen counter.  It's amazing what a little caulk can do to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom!  As you can imagine, I'm heading into this week a little tired and was happy to agree that we should take Monday and Tuesday nights off this week =)

Happy birthday Winston!!!

Happy birthday to my first "kid" and the first "grand kid" of the family!!! He brings such joy and hilarity to our lives... When he isn't whining for food =)

P.S. Sorry, Winston, this is belated.  For some reason, it didn't publish last Tuesday!  He got to go to the pet store and pick out his birthday presents, so I think he'll forgive me =)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was such a big day, I didn't get to write a special happy birthday!  It was Match Day!!!  This is where all the 4th year medical students gather together and open their envelopes at noon to find out where they will spend the next 4 years or so of their lives in residency.  Jared and Jordan had a good idea, but Jordan was still shaking she was so nervous...

No need for nerves, though, WE ARE KEEPING THESE TWO AROUND.  Jared might have been making fun of people crying, but between you and me, I wanted to cry I was so happy to know they're staying!!!

Mom and Dad were pretty excited, too, I think =)  Hubby wore his WFU bowtie in honor of the occasion, but somehow the two of us managed to completely avoid pictures!

We all headed back to the house for lunch... hubby went back to work while the rest of us headed out for a wine tasting.  We ended up at Hanover Park Winery and fell in love with Pearl, the winery doggie.  It was a really cute little tasting room, and the owner was friendly and gave me a great recipe idea!

After dinner, we headed back to Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Dad's 65th birthday.  You go dad, don't look a day over 50.

Dad and Trav competed to see who could light his side of the cake's candles faster.  Birthday boy won.

Still got a good set of lungs on him!

Happy Birthday, Dad.  What a great present - to get to keep your kids close =), hang out with us ALL DAY, and eat cake.  A great father like you deserves all that and so much more!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our last Frank Rowland

It's different than any other Frank Rowland we own, and lots of people have asked if we want to sell it. We don't. =)

So, we headed to Hobby Lobby last weekend to find a frame.  We tried lots...

The black seemed like a good contender...

This one was too close to the wood of the china cabinet...

This one was OK...

But there was something so grand about this one that also allowed the painting to speak for itself...

So, we took it home.  You get to see it when you walk in the house and turn to look into the dining room!

Happy Spring Ahead!

It's been too long

But, guys, we're just exhausted.  At least I am.  It seems like there's something to do ALL THE TIME.

I know, it's high time to get on with what's been going on, so let me see if I can bring you up to speed.  After our trip to the beach, Mom and Dad have been hanging with a friend, helping her to look at houses to buy.  That's taken up some of the weekend time, so little things have been going on.  Last weekend, they went to an art show to benefit Senior Services.  Dad says they were late to a house showing appointment because Mom knew so many people... Mom says it's because Dad "made" her buy this:

Isn't it pretty?  It's a little different than what they have, and they got to meet the artist, which is pretty cool.  This is in the foyer... notice they also moved the chair that was in that corner and replaced it with old suitcases, which used to be in the guest room.  Why?  Well, let me show you.

Remember what used to be here?  The big, huge desk.  It was taking up the space meant for my bed, but they claim it was moved because of concern about the sun and Mom not really being able to use it as a working desk, leaving stuff out on it.  So, after some maneuvering, it made it to the guest bedroom.   Note that it is now living where those suitcases used to be!

When I tell you it took maneuvering, we are talking a hair-pin turn that was only successful because of those curved corners!  Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with yet another bathroom tease.  Mom and Dad worked on it last weekend, and there are just a few more finishing touches before it's ready for use... check out that double curved bar in the shower with the curtain and liner separate.  Ohhh yeahhhh.