Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was such a big day, I didn't get to write a special happy birthday!  It was Match Day!!!  This is where all the 4th year medical students gather together and open their envelopes at noon to find out where they will spend the next 4 years or so of their lives in residency.  Jared and Jordan had a good idea, but Jordan was still shaking she was so nervous...

No need for nerves, though, WE ARE KEEPING THESE TWO AROUND.  Jared might have been making fun of people crying, but between you and me, I wanted to cry I was so happy to know they're staying!!!

Mom and Dad were pretty excited, too, I think =)  Hubby wore his WFU bowtie in honor of the occasion, but somehow the two of us managed to completely avoid pictures!

We all headed back to the house for lunch... hubby went back to work while the rest of us headed out for a wine tasting.  We ended up at Hanover Park Winery and fell in love with Pearl, the winery doggie.  It was a really cute little tasting room, and the owner was friendly and gave me a great recipe idea!

After dinner, we headed back to Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Dad's 65th birthday.  You go dad, don't look a day over 50.

Dad and Trav competed to see who could light his side of the cake's candles faster.  Birthday boy won.

Still got a good set of lungs on him!

Happy Birthday, Dad.  What a great present - to get to keep your kids close =), hang out with us ALL DAY, and eat cake.  A great father like you deserves all that and so much more!

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