Friday, March 29, 2013


Winston here.  I can't believe she forgot.  Clearly, the return to the cold weather caused a brain freeze for my Mom.  We had a beautiful weekend a few weeks back, with weather into the 70s.  This led me and Mom outside to do a little spring cleaning on the courtyard.  You see, it really needed it.

LOTS of onions there, getting in my way and threatening to be smelly.  They were huge, and there were LOTS of them...  Hard to tell them apart from the monkey grass (my personal favorite)

I had mom start putting them all in a grocery bag, but it became abundantly clear very quickly that she needed a full-sized trash bag to handle this job...

Once all the weeds were out, I helped her spread pine needles.

It's sort of tough work, but it looked so nice when I was done.  I felt very accomplished.  I'm hurt that she didn't show off my handy-work.  *sniff*  Excuse me, I'm going to go find her, stare her down, buff, and then go ignore her now.

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