Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A long catch up

I know, I know... more than 2 weeks.  Sad, right?  Well, we've been busy bees!  First, I chuckled the other night.  It warmed wayyyy up, requiring us to turn on the A/C.  Well, we did.  Nothing happened.  We figured it was because of the crummy programmable thermostat we had.  So, at 10:30pm, most people go to bed or watch TV.  Us?  We install a new programmable thermostat, of course.

Lots of wires, but pretty simple to do.  Unfortunately, this was not the problem.  Some sort of switch had failed.  So, almost $200 later, we had a working A/C again...

Last week, Winston got his first outside haircut.  He was SUCH A GOOD BOY.  He stood still for the entire thing, then posed for some pics =)

At the old house, we were trying to get the lawn mowed.  We sold our mower, thinking we wouldn't need it.  WRONG.  Luckily, we still had Dad's old push mower stored.  Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Dad and hubby were unable to get the thing to last longer than the length of the primer burn.  So, Sherry came to the rescue.  She cleaned out the line and sanded the spark plugs (I think).  They got it to work for hubby to literally run across the yard, pushing it before it died.  To buy: new spark plugs...

Winston is LOVING this weather, by the way.  So nice to enjoy the outdoors after begin cooped up inside all Winter!

I also got around to some baking last weekend...  Gluten free chocolate chip cookies (easy one - just sub the flour et voila!)...

...and spinach, goat cheese, and cheddar cheese mini crustless quiches.  

I'll post more about we did this past weekend soon!!!  Well, more what hubby did than I... only a month until I start revealing what I was working on!!!

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