Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cooper River Bridge Run

There was this run I have wanted to do for years.  But, I didn't have anyone to run with me!  My work running buddies decided to make a weekend of it.  We had 1 family and 1 hubby drop out, but it worked out just fine.  Hubby got to wrangle in 3 women all weekend :)  We stayed at the Inn at Middleton Place.  It was rustic and actually really neat.  The gardens at Middleton were AMAZING.  We got to visit mom and dad for a little bit, too!  This meant a quick walk on the beach and prepping for dinner at their place...

Followed by an awesome dinner at Magnolia's and crashing as soon as we got to the hotel.  It was an early start.  You're required to be waiting for the bus by 6am.  This meant a wake up call of 4:45am and a departure of 5:15am *yawn*.

The race was AWESOME.  40,000 people.  I managed to get in the 4th wave (I was scheduled for the 3rd but missed it - issue trying to get our bag to the transport crew!).  It was a beautiful morning for a run, and the view from the bridge was awesome.  I pretended my running buddy, Bethany, was in front of me and powered up the bridge.  All those people who were passing me in the first mile and a half of flat were dropping like flies around (and in front) of me on the bridge!  But, Bethany always runs up hills faster, so I did too.  I was SO PUMPED to get to the top and know it was all downhill (or flat) from there!  I passed lots of people, a pretty new experience for me, but got stuck behind and slowed down by people slowing down as we got filtered into town.  So, I made it in 59:05 and was runner 8136... doesn't sound too impressive until I tell you I was in the top 20% =)  I'll take that!  The coolest part was that I called hubby as he was coming into town.  We met up for brunch, and Tracie and Erin made it to the finish line in time to join us, too!  We headed back for showers.  After a quick trip around the outlets, hubby and I headed back for a tour of Middleton Place while Tracie and Erin hit the beach! The plantation IS BEAUTIFUL.

 (traditional copy-the-statue pose)

I took lots more pictures and posted them to Facebook because it's easier to upload that way.  You should be able to see them regardless of whether you have an account.  We headed out for dinner last night, and we were all laughing b/c we all looked crippled =)  This morning, I got up for a quick short run to see the property in the morning light...

...Before we headed out to beat traffic out of town.  All-in-all, a WONDERFUL experience with wonderful people.  Wishing my running buddy could have joined us... but next time!

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