Monday, May 20, 2013


“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” 

Turnberry Love once again got to celebrate today.  After 4 short, sometimes sleepless, and always challenging years, my brother graduated from med school.  I'm officially in the presence of Dr. Jared Rejeski, MD.  So.  Darn.  Proud.  I think that, based on the size of my parents' smiles, they might feel the same way.

 Jared, we love you so very much and have so much joy for your accomplishments, professionally, personally, and as a true servant to humanity.  Your future patients will be so lucky to have someone as caring, giving, and gentle-hearted as you.  Oh, and obvi SMART.

 Yes, Jared and Jordan, we are brimming with happiness as we celebrate your life accomplishment.  You might be tired, you might be stressed, you might be overwhelmed, but hopefully, hopefully, you, too, can be blessed and rejuvenated by the presence of God in your joy now and always.  

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