Monday, May 27, 2013

Marriage requires patience.

So, as I began on my first set of squares, I realized that quilting has some similarities to marriage.  For one, both certainly require patience.  As I cut 32 squares of each combo of fabric, sewed squares together then those squares together then those squares together and then those squares together... I realized this certainly requires a great deal of patience.  Especially when you screw up.  See the difference between the two squares below?  Well, I didn't notice it either... until I had sewed 3 of those suckers.  Cue the seam ripper.

But, really, we tend to expect so much of our partners and ourselves in marriage, don't we?  So, Jared and Jordan, along with this labor of love comes lesson #1.  Patience with ourselves and our partners is so important and a constant challenge.  But, if you stick with it... you might just be lucky enough to get his or her hug...

Or, if you really play your cards right, you might just get a kiss!

At the end of the day, though, one of the best gifts you can give your partner is a little extra patience.  It might just pay off for something beautiful in your relationship!

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