Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moving it all around

So, now almost 2 weeks ago, hubby and I decided to move furniture on a Friday night.  Because that's what all normal 30 year old couples do on Friday nights, right?  I've been thinking about how we use the kitchen and breakfast nook space.  Everything just gets dumped on the kitchen table, and no one ends up using it... until I sit in a slightly uncomfortable chair and enjoy the sunlight while I read or work.  So, we decided to try some chairs in there.
As a heads up, sorry for the crummy pictures.  There's just so much going on in life right now, it's either crummy pictures or no pictures at all.

I threw some fabric over the dark brown leather chair to see how it would look lighter.  I know it looks kinda weird, but I kinda love it.  And, last Sunday, we all ended up in the kitchen, sitting on these chairs (or the floor, Jordan)!  

So, what do you do with the kitchen table?  Well, to answer that, we just have to ask, how do you accommodate a budding artist-hubby?  You put a kitchen table in the great room, of course.  This was it fully set up for painting heaven for him that weekend...

And, since we snagged a chair from the "music room" portion of the great room, we moved an available chair to fill the void.  Again, looks kind of funny, but it's working for us right now.

We also moved some other furniture around - the guest room got moved around to see how we'd like it once the funny half-closet is closed off...

And the armoire got moved out of this room and into Trav's office to hide the TV in there.  This meant that the chest of drawers in THAT room got moved to our bedroom, which meant that the armoire in our bedroom got moved... to our closet.  I'll have updated pics of the bedroom soon, and once the armoire finds its new home in Jared and Jordan's new home, we're going to re-do the master closet.  This prospect has me pretty darn psyched.  

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