Thursday, May 30, 2013

On a roll

With hubby being sick over our Christmas vacation, I had even more time than I anticipated to work on the squares.  Soon, I had all kinds of combinations!

And, we come to our next marriage lesson... sometimes the best of intentions don't turn out quite right.  I cut approximately 18 squares out into 3.5 inch long rectangles.  The problem?  They should have been 4.5 inches.  The next lesson?  When things don't turn out quite right, look to your reserve (remembering the joy you felt on your wedding day will go a long way to give you strength to not strangle a spouse who might be doing the tiniest little thing to drive you crazy!).  So, I looked to my reserve, pieced together my remnants, and no one will ever know I mis-cut so many of my blocks!

By the new year, I am cruising.  I finished these in just a few hours.  It did require, however, picking up even more thread.  Remember, there's nothing wrong with taking a little break and returning to a challenge later, as long as you have given yourself enough time!

I am also proud to report that I had to rip out only ONE SEAM on this next set!  It was the last one, too... I just sort of went into outer space, I guess!

I've been acting as my own little cheerleader (with occasional company from hubby and Winston)... only 4 more to go!  Then comes the real test - will all these individual beauties match up?

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Alli said...

Go, Lexie! Love it! :)