Saturday, June 8, 2013

A closeted matter.

We decided to start in on our closet remodel because we gave the newlyweds hubby's former clothing storage. In preparation, hubby installed double rods in the guest room. Last Sunday, I moved all our clothes out of our closet. Monday, I went to pick out clothes, and both rods had fallen off the wall...  So, our guest room is now our closet. So. Not. Fun. 

 So, hubby started in removing the rods and patching the walls of our closet...

...and before you know it, it was an empty room ready for paint. 
 And by Friday, hubby had the starless night out and was making our closet super designer style. 
The design has shelves straight ahead of you when you walk in, so the baseboard had to go. As hubby had his inappropriate saw out, he said he'd been saving his birthday gift card for a saw that was perfect for this job. So, 30 minutes later, hubby had his new toy. 
And, even better, 2 minutes and no injuries or curse words later, the job was done. 
Lots more to do, but we are off to a great start!

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