Sunday, June 23, 2013

A long overdue update

You know it's been too long when your mom says she thinks the automatic email subscription is broken.  Well, we've been incredibly busy.  Building out a closet yourself is no small task.  Also, we've been getting the old house ready to turn over to new owners AND working outside our own house!  So, on to the closet...

Trav set up his own workshop under the umbrella outside.  After lots of cutting and hammering, I took over with staining efforts.  

For the stain, we decided on a base of mahogany with a top coat of walnut.  I used a stain and poly in one.  The product has its advantages and disadvantages.  Main advantage?  Two coats and you're done.  We brought them all in and let them cure in the front hallway.

 And later that week (2 weeks ago...), we got to install the first wall!  We love the dark wood with navy walls.

And, at like 11pm one work-night, you could find me hanging all my clothes up in the new space :)

So, we set out to get more boards for the next wall, which will be all shelves.

Those are 8 foot long boards, running from the front of the Benz to the trunk!  It was an interesting ride home =)

Hubby got all the boards for that wall cut last weekend, and we stayed really  busy.  The lawn had to be mowed at the old house, there was trash to haul away, we tore down the rotted enclosure next to our house that used to house the trash cans, we played moving people and picked up my brother and sister-in-law's new couch, we moved additional furniture out of the old house and into various peoples' houses... so the boards were set up to stain this past week.  However, staining is pretty labor intensive, and I just simply ran out of time.  Monday was yoga, Tuesday was piano lesson, Wednesday was celebrations of my awesome mom's birthday (out to lunch, fabric shopping, and a gourmet meal prepared by her fave daughter, I hear!), Thursday was trying to get some work stuff done... and suddenly, we had hit the weekend again!  I'll see what I can do to share our weekend update a little earlier than this one!

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