Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Basting and finishing... the last act of love.

I spent an entire weekend crawling around on my hands and knees, basting together the quilt.  I gotta be honest.  It was my least favorite task.

But, once that was finished, and I was finished panicking that it was time to actually quilt, the quilting process began.  Just don't look at the quilt from the backside.  The lines are more than a little wonky.  But, I figure they're like the path of life - you always intend to start out straight to your destination.  It's never a straight shot.

And, it is so important to remember to take a moment and savor whatever task you're in the middle of.  You'll be sad you didn't when you're done.  There's no savoring the moment once it's gone.  Commit it to memory, live fully in that moment.

Once the quilt was actually quilted, I had to pull all the basting out.  Winston helped.  He's a big fan of the quilt.

And after my final freak-out session, recruiting my mother in law one last time to help me with the final measurements, cutting, and pinning, suddenly, it was time.  All this work of love was almost ready to be launched.  Three weeks before my baby brother started his own family, I had to let the quilt go.  And so, I sewed up the final sides, taking care, taking it slow, savoring this last act of love encompassed in this project.

And, I'm not going to lie.  My hubby came home from the gym to find me alone, in the dining room, finishing the last foot of the edge, crying.  It suddenly hit me - I was done.  I had worked for 6 months, wondering whether I knew what I was doing, whether it would turn out square, whether Jared and Jordan would like it.  I was done, which meant that in 3 weeks, I would be witnessing my brother say "I do."  All the emotions of our wedding came rushing in and hit me like a ton of bricks.  So, Jared and Jordan, your quilt was blessed with salty tears.

One more thing, before I end my adventure in quilting story for now: there were imperfections.  There were places where the fabric had come apart at the seam from the stress of getting attached to other squares.  I carefully blind-stitched them back together.  There will be more frays, but all you ever have to do is come to me, and I'll do all I can to patch it back up for you.  It's meant to be used and loved, and it can always be repaired.  Kind of like marriage - one last parallel.  There will be times that pieces become frayed and need a little extra love, but if you always return to your friendship and to love, your quilt will be more beautiful and tell a little extra story special to just you two.

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Alli :) said...

Great job, Lex!!!!