Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gotta roof over my head, someone to love me in a 4 poster bed...

One of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs!  I've always wanted a 4 poster bed. I love modern clean lines and hubby didn't want a footboard nor did he want a modern bed. Quite the conundrum right?  We looked in every furniture store we visited. We found a compromise, but it was pricey and not something either of us couldn't live without. Then, the weekend Jared and Jordan graduated, a furniture maker in High Point had a sale. We went, checking it out for them, and there it was. A replica of Princess Diana's bed. It was beautiful. Breathtaking really. And both of us loved it. It had my clean lines and hubby's traditional sensibility. And it was like 80% off. A quick consultation with my mom sealed the deal. All goals of not spending money while holding 2 houses went out the window. 
It was delivered the day we left for Jared and Jordan's wedding. We moved our old headboard (after it fell and landed directly on my head. Ow. That d&$* thing was heavy!!!). We put the bed together and discovered it was missing a few key pieces. What do you expect for 80% off?  So, when we got back from Charleston, hubby's first stop was Lowe's. and by that night, we were collapsing into our new 4 poster bed.  Since then, other renovations have prevented me from being able to post a proper picture. So here is is, in all its glory.  

And from another angle...

And a close up of my favorite part. This headboard is solid mahogany. I need to find a way to show off that headboard better!!!

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