Sunday, June 30, 2013

The closet continued

The next section of the closet was the section of shelving for all of hubby's clothes, which have been living on the guest room bed. He cut all the boards and then it was time to stain. Oh. Joy. 

So staining required an entire weekend. I'm pretty sure the three of us remained high on staining fumes allllll weekend. But! It was so worth it. The closet is starting to look amazing =). 

Here are a couple of shots. Unfortunately, the room is small, and I can't get a full shot of all its glory. 
So here's the wall of shelves to your right with hubby's short-hanging clothes. 

And from that corner, the left side of the closet with my short hanging stuff. 

And the straight ahead view. 

The last wall to the left will hold my long hanging stuff. We have the boards but they have to be cut and stained...

To be continued!

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