Saturday, June 1, 2013

We will not wish you joy

We will not wish you joy

We will not wish you joy on this great day,
For joy is in your hearts and goes with you
Along the fragrant, mystic, sunlit way:
We will not wish you joy while love is new.
But this is our wish: May you be strong enough
To shelter love, and keep it safe from harm,
When winds blow high, and roads are steep and tough
May you protect your love, preserve its charm.
When days are dark, may love be your sure light,
When days are cold, may love be your bright fire,
Your guiding star when hope is out of sight,
The essence and the sun of your desire.
May love be with you through the flight of years,
Then after storms, there always be calm.
Though you have cause for heartache and for tears,
Despair lasts not, where love is there for balm.
This be the prayer we breathe for you today:
When you have reached the summit of life’s hill,
May it be possible for you to say,
“Married long years, but we are lovers still.”

-Brian Zouch

And so, the squares of the quilt are almost complete.  Here's my second to last one.  It faced some challenges, as love will... but hopefully, like love, it will be even more beautiful for the loving piecing that went into making it whole again.  You see, I had really gotten on a cutting kick.  Unfortunately, this kick led me to continue to cut my 4.5 inch squares when I should have been cutting my 2.5 inch by 4.5 inch rectangles.  Unfortunately, I was on such a roll that I did this to two out of three strips.  Unfortunately.  However, I didn't give up; I got creative.  I cut as many of the rectangles as I could out of the squares I had cut and then pieced the remaining pieces together and re-cut.  It's not perfect... but let's be honest, the only thing perfect about this quilt is that it represents love, marriage, and faith.  It is as beautifully imperfect as life.  Perfection can be boring, right?  I imagine future nieces and/or nephews, staring at this quilt, finding its quirks, and memorizing them on a lazy Saturday morning spent snuggling with mom and dad.  Or Auntie Lexie. =)

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