Saturday, July 27, 2013

The quick lift for your house

There's something about changing the front door that reminds me of a good haircut when nothing else seems to be going right.  You go in, all grumpy, and come out looking and feeling fab.u.lous.  Well, we weren't grumpy, but we felt like the house didn't really reflect our, um, vibrancy?  Youth?  Punch?

And, sadly, it doesn't appear that we have a picture that does the off-white lines on the panels justice.  Such a shame.  

Anywho, colors have to be approved by the architectural committee and the board.  There was some discussion over the fact that we didn't pick a "Williamsburg" color.  Although, between you and me, I think that mint green and cranberry are not a particularly attractive Williamsburg combo.  Despite some protests, they decided to go ahead and let those crazy young 'uns paint their front door...


Don't you think it's super-happy?

Monday, July 22, 2013

The rug expansion

The first rug in our great room was an Ikea purchase.  It was a necessity.  Within the first 3 hours of having the couch down on the new floors, poor Winston attempted to jump on the couch, slipped on the floor, and clawed the heck out of the leather.  It worked, and it will continue to work in another room!

However, we really wanted a bigger rug.  The main problem is that, no matter what we tried on the couch, the floor protectors kept coming off (we even tried construction adhesive).  This led to some nasty scratches in the floor.  We needed a rug that went under the couch.  Oh, and while we were at it, we decided to rearrange the room, moving the piano the the opposite corner, solving the piano lighting issue we have been struggling with!  I celebrated the sale of Lawndale by ordering the 15x10 rug.  We had looked for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the only rug we liked was an $11K oriental rug... not really in the budget we had in mind.  Fortunately, Mom and Dad encouraged us to go in to the main store of a place where we had looked at remnants, and we found the perfect grey carpet!  It arrived about a week ago, and we couldn't wait to get it unrolled!  

After a little finagling, we got it and its pad centered where we needed it, and Winston immediately deemed it AWESOME.  In fact, the combo of pain pills for his arthritic hips and lots of carpeted space have led to some of his old puppy-like behavior returning!  He's been running around in circles... when he's not resting on the new rug.  

The room is all set up now, and we think it uses the space well and is more inviting to people coming in from the front door.  

Oh, and if you don't mind noticing, our latest addition to the art collection!!!  We love it (and I am making hubby sell 3 paintings that it's replacing).  I'll have to do a close-up some day...

We think these chairs don't quite go any more and are itching to get 2 new ones (a purchase we've been discussing for over a year now!).  Stay tuned - we've been on the chair search for the last few weekends now ;)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let my love open the door...

So, our kitchen had a really old door with an equally old half screen door that was torn and didn't actually shut. 

Hubby's mom gave him a keyless entry deadbolt for Christmas, and he has been putting off installation with the thought that we would replace the back door at some point. Well, the weekend we sold the house, we had agreed to install a storm door. We went and bought the door, and then we got to thinking... Wouldn't it be nice to have a full view door now?!?  When hubby discovered tht the door was actually cheaper than the storm door, he was sold. So, he got the prehung door, and we set out to take it out of its casing and hang it. About an hour or two later, we had this thing of beauty...

And a week later, we installed the storm door...

The most difficult part? Putting together the storm door handle...

So we are pretty excited about how much this updates the kitchen and how we don't get locked out any more!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Closet clean-up!

Well, finally, tonight, we closed the chapter on the closet renovation... for now.  I learned it's v. important to basically have a brand new brush every time you stain.  No matter how much I cleaned and thought the brush would be OK, it never was.  I went through like four brushes as it was.  And, the stiff brush led to a crummy job on some trim hubby had cut for his shelves... but, the closet is now fully functional again and, I think, quite beautious.
The last section was a long hanging section with shelves up high and shoe shelves below.  It's to your left when you walk into the closet.  Everything got leveled out...

...and the clothes made their way back in!  I tried for quite some time to find an angle that allowed me to capture the closet in all its glory.  No luck.  So, here we go - from the doorway, looking to the left, you have the long-hanging clothes next to the double-hanging clothes...

If you look down, you'll see the rows for shoes - clearly I need more shoes.  I can't fill all those shelves quite yet!

Looking straight in, you see the new bins.  They have the navy stripe to pick up the wall color, and my velvet hangers match the lime green stripe.  Hubby went with the more masculine wooden hangers.  I had to promise not to ever hang his stuff on the velvet hangers =)

And, finally, to the right of the closet, we're back to hubby's side, with his double hanging clothes and then the shelves with all his folded clothes.  

Good riddance to staining.  It's one task I will not ever be excited to have to do again!  Maybe now, we can reclaim the dining room, too!  No more fumes... ahh, sweet victory!  

Lots more to catch you up on, but I'm finally starting to get tired, so it'll have to wait =)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You and me, baby...

... you and me together can do anything, baby! - Dave Matthews Band

 So, while we continue to work on some stuff back at the house (hubby pointed out I am late in updates, but I am waiting on him to clean up the work areas so we can fully appreciate the beauty of our latest work here at Turnberry Love!), we've been expanding our horizons.  Exhibit A: One of hubby's business's rental properties:

I'm not sure that this picture does the pink color of the house justice.  His last tenants wanted to paint the house.  When they were allowed to, they painted EVERYTHING pink (it appears without scraping at all)... on 2 sides.  Of a 4-sided house, duh.  Thus, the house is half pink and half white... AKA: a mess.
So, because hiring painters is so pricey and there was lots to do inside that was going to bust their rehab budget, hubby enlisted yours truly to assist.  We began by scraping.  SO NOT FUN.  The goal was to attempt to scrape only what *had* to be done.  Unfortunately, when you started in one spot, it just came off in sheets.  Admittedly, I got sick of scraping, and more should have come off...  Meanwhile, hubby pressure-washed the entire outside of the house.  Note: it is way easier to scrape a dry house than one that has just been pressure washed.  Pressure wash only when you're sick of scraping.
The next time we went back (2 days later), we were ready for me to continue scraping and him to spray on the primer coat.  Awesome.  Except the sprayer was rather uncooperative.  After some purchases of some of the parts, hubby managed to get it to work for almost all of the house.  Then, it just quit...  So, after a day's work, the house started looking a little better, and we were looking forward to finishing the house by hand:

Branches had to be trimmed away from the house, since they were just hanging out on the roof.  Then, once the primer was done, we started brushing on the top coat. It was finally starting to look better!

So, now he has to pull the rest of the lattice off the porch, fix the porch railing, and we still have to paint  2.5 sides of the house the top coat.  The trim also has to be done.  And we have to paint the porch.  Aren't you JEALZ of our weekend plans?!?  Yeah, I didn't think so... but seeing it look so much better is such a fun reward!

P.S. Martha and Jack, I don't know how or why you'd want to paint houses... but there's another one of these two doors down in case you want to come paint in the south =)