Friday, July 12, 2013

Closet clean-up!

Well, finally, tonight, we closed the chapter on the closet renovation... for now.  I learned it's v. important to basically have a brand new brush every time you stain.  No matter how much I cleaned and thought the brush would be OK, it never was.  I went through like four brushes as it was.  And, the stiff brush led to a crummy job on some trim hubby had cut for his shelves... but, the closet is now fully functional again and, I think, quite beautious.
The last section was a long hanging section with shelves up high and shoe shelves below.  It's to your left when you walk into the closet.  Everything got leveled out...

...and the clothes made their way back in!  I tried for quite some time to find an angle that allowed me to capture the closet in all its glory.  No luck.  So, here we go - from the doorway, looking to the left, you have the long-hanging clothes next to the double-hanging clothes...

If you look down, you'll see the rows for shoes - clearly I need more shoes.  I can't fill all those shelves quite yet!

Looking straight in, you see the new bins.  They have the navy stripe to pick up the wall color, and my velvet hangers match the lime green stripe.  Hubby went with the more masculine wooden hangers.  I had to promise not to ever hang his stuff on the velvet hangers =)

And, finally, to the right of the closet, we're back to hubby's side, with his double hanging clothes and then the shelves with all his folded clothes.  

Good riddance to staining.  It's one task I will not ever be excited to have to do again!  Maybe now, we can reclaim the dining room, too!  No more fumes... ahh, sweet victory!  

Lots more to catch you up on, but I'm finally starting to get tired, so it'll have to wait =)

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