Saturday, July 27, 2013

The quick lift for your house

There's something about changing the front door that reminds me of a good haircut when nothing else seems to be going right.  You go in, all grumpy, and come out looking and feeling fab.u.lous.  Well, we weren't grumpy, but we felt like the house didn't really reflect our, um, vibrancy?  Youth?  Punch?

And, sadly, it doesn't appear that we have a picture that does the off-white lines on the panels justice.  Such a shame.  

Anywho, colors have to be approved by the architectural committee and the board.  There was some discussion over the fact that we didn't pick a "Williamsburg" color.  Although, between you and me, I think that mint green and cranberry are not a particularly attractive Williamsburg combo.  Despite some protests, they decided to go ahead and let those crazy young 'uns paint their front door...


Don't you think it's super-happy?

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