Monday, August 26, 2013

August brings change

You know us crazy kids. We spent last Friday night working at the house formerly known as Grandmas house. I did some trim painting while Sherry finished water proofing the basement and Trav sanded until his hands felt like they might sand right off!  But already with just a little creamy mushroom cutting in and painters white trim, the great room is starting to look so fresh again!

While hubby did some demo, we consulted the mini color chart...

And with some flying wall debris from the 60s and a failed attempt at kicking the wall down (they always do it in TV...), the entrance to the kitchen from the great room was expanded!

Hubby's plan is to move the door over toward where he is standing now so that you can have cabinets all along that wall facing his left side. Sherry and I are thinking the wider opening really makes the kitchen look bigger (it is pretty small) and that we should work with it. Since he's the one fixing the framing, I have a feeling hubby will win this one...

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