Monday, August 19, 2013


Hubby and I have been a bit MIA from Turnberry these days.  Attention has been turned to a full re-do of "Grandma's house" now that hubby's mom officially owns it.  Oh, and I spent all last week in Florida.  Don't be too jealz.  The rest of that sentence is "at a conference."

I returned home to a sick puppy.  Who knows if I would have caught it so quickly if I hadn't been gone for so long that I immediately noticed the change, but I am thankful my "mommy-dar" kicked into high gear.  Winston was in pain.  His parents went into action.  Forty five minutes after I touched down in Greensboro, we three were in the vet's office.  Unfortunately, pain medicine didn't make things better, and we returned to the vet as soon as it opened the following day.  Fifteen minutes after arriving there, our fabulous vet correctly diagnosed the problem.  One phone call later, the three of us were off to Greensboro again, this time to visit the doggie neurologist.  Dr. Miles was, to put it simply, awesome.  She calmed the fears of all three of us, and a plan of action was immediately decided upon.  A day of waiting for MRI results was ahead of all of us.  Cue the first mom jumping into action thanks to her "mommy-dar".  My mom dropped whatever plans she had for the day and joined us for retail therapy in Greensboro, waiting for results.  She allowed me to burst into tears in the middle of PetSmart and even had tissues at the ready (she was mighty proud of being fully prepared, too).  When we found out we could only go visit Winston and not take him home, she managed to get all 3 of us to smile for the camera.

The house seemed so empty without our #puppylove.  Cue mom number two's "mommy-dar".  Hubby's mom took us to dinner and kept us entertained until I think we both were so tired, we were OK going to bed without our little being.

Lots of waiting (and 10 miles of pavement pounding in the rain, on my part) later, we got to pick up the sweet boy from the vet.  We opted to try "conservative therapy" first, which involves lots of meds and rest for 4 weeks.  We are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that this works and we do not have to resort to surgery.  We don't want to put Winston through that if it can be avoided.  He's not very happy with his current conditions, but he seems to be settling in and recognizing that this is for the best... we are all counting down the days.  And we are all so thankful for "mommy-dar".  We are again reminded of how lucky we are to have such wonderful women as moms and mothers-in-law.

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