Monday, September 30, 2013

A little R&R... and some fabric excitement!

Have I mentioned how much I love Story People???  It seemed so perfect that this was my story of the day on our anniversary!

We've been on a little vacation, and I must say, a. I want to go back and b. I feel so rested and ready to go!!!

Lucky you, I was up with the sun a couple of mornings...

And we ate all kinds of awesome food (and we did OK remembering to take pictures before devouring it...)...

AND we found a $7.99/yd fabric place in Wilmington.  Designing heaven. 

I turned the corner, and hubby already had the fabric pulled out.  I was dramatic; I gasped.  It was metallic.  It was striped.  And it was $30/yd cheaper than the last one I loved.  I was sold.  Dining room curtains, here we come!

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