Friday, September 13, 2013

Chairs: the final frontier

So, we headed once again to a local furniture store.  They had 3 chairs that were comfy, rocked, swiveled, and were on sale!  The best part was that they actually had some fabric options we could agree on.  We couldn't agree on a fabric for this chair, and it wasn't as comfy as some of the others...

This one was my personal favorite, but we ended up not really liking that deep blue fabric on it (sorry, hubby just had to be in this picture...

But, then, there it was.  It was comfy, the right size, and had excellent fabric.  In fact, that fabric on the right is one that I have seen and been drawn to in every fabric store I've gone to lately.  The best part?  It was sunbrella fabric.  This means that, basically, it will be hard for us to destroy!  YIPPEE!  

We ended up ordering it from another store in High Point because the local store just couldn't beat it.  Calling around saved us several hundred dollars, so we did a little happy dance.  And now?  We wait.  They've been ordered, so now we twiddle our thumbs and count down the days until the chairs could potentially arrive!  

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